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HotSync Support Tools
JUL 09


HotSync Computer Solutions

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"Customers First, Quality Always"

Local affordable, friendly business IT Support

Our Philosophy

We like to think we are different. We believe that as a small business, it is essential that your IT services are reliable, functional and cost effective. HotSync Computers have been providing small business IT, computer, network support and services for many different types of small businesses for over 12 years.

Total IT Solutions

Over the years, we have helped all sizes and types of small business, and as a result we will have a solution for whatever problems you are experiencing, or projects you have in mind. Whether your business has one, five, ten or fifty employees, we have solutions that are comprehensive, cost effective, and relevant. HotSync Computers has always provided common sense, cost effective solutions. We never provide over the top ridiculous bug prone projects, costing budget nightmares. Why? We understand the technology and what you need. Simple!

Our Services

Using a combination of our in house skill set and network of qualified suppliers, we can supply your small business with everything it needs from small business IT, computer, network support and services including servers, workstations, network hardware and data cabling, to broadband, Voice over IP(VoIP) telephony solutions, domains, hosting and email, disaster recovery, data protection, anitspam, Extended Range Wireless, website development etc. Call us now 250 692-9150

How can we help?

Implement small business IT services to solve your business IT challenges and promote growth.

Some examples..

  • Increased customer data and business process management
  • Access to business information when out of the office.
  • Using IT to provide a competitive advantage.
  • Wireless connection to multiple offices.
  • Automatic offsite Backups
  • E-commerce / Paypal website integration
  • Email Spam filtering
  • Network Evaluation, and upgrade