JUN 26

HotSync Backup

Don't Gamble with your most precious Business Resource

The following statistics have been pulled from various sources around the world.

HotSync Computers have no way of substantiating the above claims. Based on our many years of experience however we can say that if your company loses its data and you don’t have a recoverable backup it will be really really difficult to survive. Contrary to popular myth it doesn't necessarily take a fire or flood to cause catastrophic data loss. It could be a server failure, a malicious employee or even staff negligence. Over the last 14 years the staff at HotSync Computers have had to deal with all of the above situations.

If any of the following applies to your company we strongly advise you to reconsider your strategy.

HotSync Backup has the most comprehensive data protection service in our region. With a proven record of recovery, and retention of data after a disaster.  We are locally based and guarantee that our fit and forget solution will have your company up and running again very quickly should you suffer any kind of data loss problem.